Hello, my name is Dyanna and I am excited to share my collection
of hand crafted decor accents for the home and office.   All created
 in my home-based studio in San Francisco, California.

Asian Gift Designs prides itself on being an Asian American
company dedicated to the production of unique,
handcrafted washi paper creations.  

Here you will find my large selection of beautiful Japanese paper 
(known as "washi") prints.  These exquisite papers are colourful
with rich vibrant and distinctive images reflective of current
trends in home/office decor.   Because each piece is hand selected
and cut, making them unique -- each has its own individual character.

 Ever since I was a little child, I have been inspired by the beauty
of Japanese papers and handmade crafts.   I have always wanted
to create something unique by combining my love for Japanese
papers and decoupage art.  With this in mind......  One day, I
prayed that I would discover my special little niche in the home
decor world.   Well, it happened in 1998, one morning after making
an origami birthday card for a friend.  I was carrying a handful
of Japanese papers back to storage, as I reached for the light
switch some of the papers touched the switchplate.  I quickly
realized... wow, wouldn't this be a wonderful idea if I decoupage
one of these pretty papers onto this switchplate.  I started working
on one room after another and before the nights end, I decoupaged
every light switchplate in the entire house.   And that's how I
started creating my washi switchplate covers.  Within a few weeks,
I started a new line of arts and crafts for the home/office and
personal gifts.  After months of hard work and testing,
 I have finally and successfully found my niche in the
 home/office decor and gift market.  One of the best
things about my business is shopping for the unique papers.
It's not like shopping for any other kind of business.  I get
to hand pick the most beautiful papers from Japan
 and then share my creations with you.

 These high quality papers are made by master craft artisans in Japan, 
using traditional/modern tools and techniques.  Each work of art is
hand-screened and painted to reflect the theme of my collection
which is beauty, function, and to enrich the world with the
unique influences of Japanese paper art.  I have over
300 beautiful classic designs from Japan, 
from comtemporary and art deco to
flower prints and Asian style patterns.

      Everything you see has been handcrafted one at a time with
the highest quality materials and craftwomanship!  Each
 piece is unique and special, just like its owner. 

     The home/office decor accents and gift collection that I have created
 in my home-studio has been bought and sent all over the country.  
It means a great deal to me, to be part of someone's life -- 
part of a giving or receiving, a special place in a person's home or office.
I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I love creating them. 
Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and online catalogue.
Please bookmark this page and come back often, 
because my inventory changes regularly.  

 Dyanna Louie
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